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Industry originators and leaders since 2011, the success of Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine (HVM) has paved the way for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to thrive throughout the veterinary world.

Designed for and engineered by veterinarians and hyperbaric professionals in the USA, HVM was the first to realize the glaring need for this technology in veterinary facilities worldwide.  With chambers placed across the United States in veterinary clinics, hospitals and top schools of medicine at the University of Florida, Auburn University and LSU, HVM has now expanded overseas as well.

HVM prides themselves in being "the standard in veterinary hyperbarics," by always choosing practicality over aesthetics when it comes to the safety of animals in its chambers, and being available to its clients for treatment guidance, technical support and staff training in perpetuity from day of installation.

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